Opening My Eyes

2018 is over and while it was one of my best years yet, I am so excited for a fresh new year!  The possibilities are endless and as I reflect on 2018, I am also planning for this year.  Each year people share their resolutions and I did that last year.  I wanted to get back into yoga (didn't quite get there), get back to singing (I did get started on this), and of course go ALL IN on Ramblin' Rose (DONE!).  So I was 2ish for 3 which isn't bad. 

I have taken 2 weeks off to be in Louisiana and spend time with my friends and family.  When I got home, Dad told me that there was a bald eagles nest across the lake.  We drove over there and saw them and it's one of the coolest things to see.  I started thinking about the majestic birds.  They are known for their VISION.  It made me think about opening my eyes and paying attention to what I have seen and learned from this past year.  So instead of sharing some goals with you, I decided to share about what I learned this year  in hopes that you can avoid some of the mistakes I made, whether you are starting a business, working on a project, or just meeting new people.

The first thing I learned was to let go of comfort.  I was comfortable in a job that I wasn't directly passionate about and it actually weighed me down and it took away from my main goals in LIFE, not just at the time.  Towards the end, I even felt like I just wasn't doing a good job and that wasn't good for me or my employer.  So LET GO before you start actually hurting yourself. I wasn't being honest to myself and I wasn't giving anything 100% and that is not a good feeling.  I was so focused on Ramblin' Rose that my 9-5 stopped mattering. Now the good thing about that is that I was able to quit that job and really give my store my 100% attention.  

My first day as a full time employee of myself, my power cord was stolen from me.  So I had to go buy a new one.  Within another week or two, the shop was broken into through one of the windows.  This was such a low point.  I cried for about 24 hours then I thought OK THIS HAPPENED FOR A REASON.  And that brings me to my second lesson: DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN when it comes to your business.  I tightened up on security.  My friend (shoutout to Les at Camper Clinic) came and drilled my windows in.  I got cameras and a security system so now I feel 1000% safer in so many ways.  I had gotten very comfortable at my spot on Barton Springs and I didn't even think about the increased crime with increase foot traffic.  So I learned a double lesson about not letting yourself get comfortable.  In a book I have been reading, I read "Big Businesses aren't smarter than you, just more comfortable. This is great news for the little ones."

There was also an instance where someone wanted what I had and pretty much got it behind my back with my help.  This taught me the lesson: STOP OVERSHARING.  Now if you are reading this and you are a small business owner, please know that I am obsessed with the local maker community in Austin and I will share anything I can to help you.  We are all in this together, but if it is someone who already has a big business built up, it's just business to them and they will step on you to get what they want. So I have learned to be more cautious about who I speak to about what I am doing.  In the end, you will receive help from others along the way and you will help others when you can.  No doubt about that, but YOU are the only one you can depend on 100%.  I always keep in mind to do my very best to treat others how I  want to be treated.  People say "It's not personal, It's business", well for a small business, it is really hard to separate business from personal because it is your baby.  I am going to keep working on treating others how I want to be treated WHILE putting my business first in my life.  I won't be able to support the local makers that I carry in my shop if I don't put us first.

Lastly, get everything in writing.  This applied to my last job AND in my business.  Don't be afraid to negotiate a lease if it isn't specific enough. Don't rush into something when you haven't thought about all of the details. It is always nice to have a lawyer read over things to make sure that it looks good. Don't tell people in the workplace important information.  Email it and then speak to them about it.  

Moving on to some fun stuff!!! I am gearing up for this to be the best year ever!  I will have some new neighbors and I am so excited to head back over to Barton Springs, Ramblin' Rose's first home.  We are going to have live music and some beer and all that jazz when we get moved in over there so stay tuned. 

You can come see us on South Congress until the end of the month.  Thank you for an amazing 2018 and I can't wait to see where this year takes us.  As always, I am going to leave you with a song: She's About a Mover~ Doug Sahm.





  • Good job Paige!

  • I hate when people say “it’s not personal!” If it pertains to me, yes it is! If someone tells you that, Paigey Girl, they are usually trying to do you harm! Beware! One more thing, women in the work place, especially Southern women, try to be nice, sometimes at our own detriment. Be as nice as possible, but put your business first. It is your livelyhood, so protect it! Now, go out there and rule the world!

    Sissy Boykin


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