Summertime...and the living is easy in Austin

Summertime...and the living is easy in Austin

It's been a little while since my last post and I want to share a little bit about the joys that Ramblin' Rose has brought me and what I've learned in my 2nd year of business so far.  I think my favorite part of retail has always been never knowing who might walk in.  In the past few months, I have met so many fine people from all over the world including Australia, England, France, Mexico, Brazil and even Texas. ;)  

That brings me to my next topic, the Austin TX community that has welcomed me and Ramblin' Rose Co with open arms.  Since starting the Barton Springs Artists market, I really started realizing what an AMAZING artists and makers community Austin has.  It is truly a HUB for artist, creatives, musicians, and people making awesome stuff.  I think a part of creating something of your own is that little dream that your idea will be appreciated by others.  When magic happens, it is one of the best feelings ever.  It is a connection with someone that appreciates something you made or helped come to life.

I started the Barton Springs Market initially to bring people over to the shop's side of the Picnic lot (after the other trailers moved out) and in the meantime, I ended up falling in love with the local Austin community more than ever.  It really does feel like a huge city when you first get into town, but the longer you stay in Austin, the more you realize how many people love the same things as you and it starts to feel smaller.  The first market made me feel like a part of the Austin community.  I loved that the women selling their stuff all wanted to help and support everyone else there.  Magic is the word that keeps coming to mind.  Then we had the March, April, and May markets and it kept getting better and better.  If someone's card reader went out, someone was there to lend an extra they had. If someone wanted to grab food, someone watched their booth for them. I felt the love and respect that the artists and makers had for one another and it just keeps getting more and more magical.  I felt like Ramblin' Rose was evolving from a little trailer shop into a place where local artist and creatives could showcase their work.

Just like the market evolved from an idea to an event to then a monthly event, it's important to keep evolving in every business and especially retail.  It's important to stay fresh and relevant, yet you should always keep in mind what your mission is.  My mission has always been to make other people feel good, whether that be helping them try on something that I think will look amazing on them or singing a song for someone because they love the lyrics and that is Ramblin' Rose's mission.  I want the trailer to be a spot where I am able to show support for makers and musicians that I admire and for people from all over the world to walk in and feel like they can start something.  

When someone walks in the store and says "This is such a cute shop" with a big grin, I do a little dance in my head because it is so fun to make someone smile.  

With all the happy comes the hard stuff like taxes and finances and keeping enough stock in such a small place.  I can honestly say that I have learned so many things the hard way already so I can only imagine what I have left to learn.  I try to look at every bump in the road an opportunity to think bigger.  If business is slow one day, I start thinking of ways to create more traffic.  It's also important to listen to the customers.  What are they picking up, what are they drawn to, how does it flow when there are 6-8 people in the store? It's all so interesting and fun. With the learning also comes learning the things that you did right the first time.  That's more magic.  

Something that I learned at Keller Williams was to set yearly goals and break those down by month, week, and day, and has been something that has helped me a lot in 2018.  In 2017, I was just running full speed ahead to stay afloat. Every month was my first May or first June or first July.  Now I've been around over a year so I know a little more of what to expect. 2018 is more about analyzing what is working and what isn't and making changes and being more intentional about where the money is spent.  

It is all such an adventure and I will end with a little bit of fashion and music.  Right now, my favorite outfit in the store consists of a black one piece swimsuit, the blue Show Me Your Mumu cover-up in the shop section of my website, my Station 19 Thunderbird necklace (which she will make you a custom if you ask), and my Birkencroc's (yes I spelled it correctly...there are now Birkenstocks make of Croc foam).  I also like to tie my hair up with a bandana because I am not sure if you have noticed but its summer in Austin so you know it's hotter than a pepper sprout and to stay cool, we have to stay near the water.  Luckily, the shop is parked walking distance from Barton Springs pool.  

For music, some of my favorite tunes at the moment areeeee...."Stay with The One" by Uncle Walt's Band, "Baby What You Want Me To Do" by Jimmy Reed, annnddd "I Need a Miracle" by Grateful Dead.  If you haven't been to Continental Club on Sunday around 3:30, you should go to see Marshall Hood Band.  They have some amazing originals as well as they always play the best covers.  Here is the link to Stay with the One- <3

Well that's all until next time!



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Young and fun, a perfect combination, that’s what The Ramblin Rose is all about! Congratulations on your first year in biznass, Paigey Girl, and best of luck in the future! All your hard work is paying off!

Sissy Boykin

Hi Paige. Just loved your message and made me “see” your little Rambling Rose! So happy for you that all is going well. Go Girl! And always keep a song in your heart!! 👍😘🎶😘

Rose Marie

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